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3 November 11

whuphf said: Thank you so much! I would def rather donate to a place where it uses most of the funds and not a small percentage :)

Not a problem! It seems the general consensus is that if an organization is spending 75% or more on their programs, they’re doing a pretty good job : )


Frequently asked questions.

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Photo by: pattoise

Photo by: pattoise

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whuphf said: I donate a certain amount of month to a different charity and I love that list of charities that you posted! Do you know what percentage of your donations is actually used? Like charitywater used 100% of your money,but some charities only use like 50% and the rest goes to pay their employees and for administrative costs and what not.

Great question! Here is what I could find out:

  • National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative: this one is a little tricky because National Geographic generates revenue from many different sources and have costs the other charities here don’t. You can find a breakdown of their income and expenditure for 2010 and 2009 here, in the Financials section.
  • Save Tigers Now: 83% go towards conservation programs, 12% fundraising, and 5% admin costs (based on WWF as a whole).
  • The Northern Jaguar Project: no figures were readily available but I have emailed them requesting more information and will let you know!
  • The Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance: 100% of donations received through their website go towards conservation activities in Russia.

ETA: The Northern Jaguar Project responded to let me know that 93% of donations fund conservation projects, with the remaining 7% going towards administration and fund raising expenses.


    Frequently asked questions.

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    Posted: 6:21 PM

    You’ve told me who your favourite charities are, now here are some of mine!

    • National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative is a comprehensive program that supports on-the-ground conservation projects, education, and economic incentive efforts and a global public-awareness campaign.
    • Save Tigers Now  is a global WWF campaign with a goal of building political, financial and public support to double the number of wild tigers by 2022 - the next Year of the Tiger.  
    • The Northern Jaguar Project strives to preserve essential jaguar habitat through the establishment, care, and expansion of a safe-haven sanctuary in northern Mexico.
    • The Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance is a coalition of 13 international and Russian NGOs that have pooled resources to support conservation of Amur leopards and tigers in the wild.

    Consider spreading the word about these organizations and REBLOG TO WIN a copy of the new book Awkward Family Pet Photos! USA addresses only.

    All photos: Tambako the Jaguar

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    Photo by: taytom

    Photo by: taytom

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    Photo by:  Sum_of_Marc

    Photo by: Sum_of_Marc

    2 November 11
    The two Sumantran Tiger cubs from Cameron Park Zoo made their public debut on Friday, October 28, in the tiger exhibit yard. 
Photo Credit: Cameron Park Zoo

    The two Sumantran Tiger cubs from Cameron Park Zoo made their public debut on Friday, October 28, in the tiger exhibit yard.

    Photo Credit: Cameron Park Zoo

    Posted: 5:23 PM
    Peaceful protest
Photo by: njwight

    Peaceful protest

    Photo by: njwight

    Reblogged: njwight

    1 November 11
    Photo by: Tambako the Jaguar
    Posted: 3:44 PM

    ATTN: ANIMAL LOVERS - Want to help big cats AND win a great new animal book?!

    The authors of the New York Times bestseller Awkward Family Photos are back with a hilarious tribute to the unbreakable and sometimes uncomfortable bond between people and their pets.

    The Big Cat Blog has TWO of these books to giveaway.

    I want you to tell us who your favorite big cat charity or organization is - the winner will be picked at random and sent a book, and we will make a donation to the charity on their behalf. USA addresses only.

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